Store your goods temporarily in our warehouse

You need to adjust your assets for a temporary period, e.g. when remodeling an apartment, when moving, if you will be away for a long time, etc.? Take advantage of the safe storage of your property in our warehouse.

We will pick up the items directly from you, make an accurate list of them and store them in our safe and protected warehouse.

Storage when moving abroad

For overseas shipments that you require to be delivered later after your arrival abroad, we also provide the following service:

  • we will pack the items and make an accurate list of them, 
  • then we will take the packed items to our warehouse, 
  • we will store the items safely in the warehouse and register them, 
  • after receiving the "green light" we will send the shipment to the country of destination 

We offer you the opportunity to store shipments in tempered and non-tempered warehouses.

Indicative price list

Type of storageUnit price
tempered warehouse0.50 / day / 1 m3
non-tempered warehouse0.30 / day / 1 m3
20ft container (33 m3) - outside6.00 / 1 day / 20ft container
40ft container (76 m3) - outside10.00 / 1 day / 40ft HC container
Price with / without VAT.
  • the price does not include handling of the goods to + from the warehouse: €4/pallet, or €10/m3 in the case of loose goods, 
  • we will offer you interesting discounts for long-term storage
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Our suggestion

If you need to store your belongings for a long time, we offer you a cost-effective solution - storage in marine 20ft (33cbm) or 40ft (76cbm) containers, which are in 100% condition and your furniture is sufficiently protected from spills or dust.

The container warehouse is located directly in our guarded area and you can access the items any working day from 08:00 to 17:00 and by agreement also at other times.

Storage in crates

If you need to store a smaller shipment for a temporary period, we recommend storing it in wooden crates in our tempered warehouse.

This method of storage is especially suitable for:

  • personal items in boxes
  • electronics sensitive to temperature fluctuations
  • items sensitive to heat, cold or moisture
  • small pieces of furniture

We will pick up your things, make an accurate list of them and store them in wooden crates, which will be stored in our heated and secured warehouse. 

Of course, you can also bring things to us yourself. Our warehouse staff will gladly advise you and recommend the most suitable size of the box.


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