Office moving service

Every successful company will sooner or later find itself in the situation, when its premises are too "tight", and it is necessary to move into larger premises. This is the time to think of the choice of a serious company that will realise the moving.

We recommend to contact moving service company at least 5 days before to ensure a smooth action.

Office moving service - Complete relocation in a very short time.

Big companies mostly cannot afford to congeal its run for several days, so in such case we can offer you a solution: Complete relocation of the company during the weekend or in the afternoon in a very short time. Thanks to our own detailed elaborated know-how in moving of office equipment we are able to relocate up to 300 working posts within 2-3 days.

In case of larger volumes we can set the price for moving on the bases of previous free visual inspection of premises to be moved. Mentioned method is advantageous from the time point of view, and you know how much you will pay for what volume of services in advance.

If it concerns a long-term moving, where it is difficult to set a final price, we charge an hour rate per employee, which begins at 15,- € / hour.  An hour rate is consulted with customer according to the work difficulty.