Packaging service, used mainly for overseas or international moves, where all goods have to be completely packed and marked, we perform by our own skilled packers. They will professionaly pack your furniture, housegold goods & personal effects.

We offer you several options of packaging service:

  • COMPLETE packing of all goods including delivery of packaging material
  • PARTIAL packing - we will pack only fragile or sensitive items
  • SELF packing - we will predelivery of packaging material & you will pack by yourselves

We would be pleased to invite you visit our E-shop or our branches in Bratislava, Žilina or Košice where you can personally choose the packaging material according to your needs. In the case of need we will deliver chosen packing materials to your residence at small extra cost.

In case, you are moving locally or within Slovakia, we can offer you borrow new boxes which you return back within 30 days. You will pay deposit and when you return boxes, we return to you balance between sell & borrow rate. 

Moving boxes for FREE
If used boxes (in good condition) are OK for you, we will borrow them free of charge, in case you are moving with our company.