Moving to Slovakia with TRIV

Do you need to move to Slovakia for work or private purposes? Are you Slovak and have you decided to return and move back to Slovakia?

Whatever the reason for moving to Slovakia, you are sure to solve the question of how to transport your goods as safely and cost-effectively as possible. Moving to Slovakia with a professional company is a step you will not regret. A reliable moving company will save you a lot of paperwork, stressful moments and, ultimately, unexpected financial expenses.

How does moving to Slovakia work?

Our company has many years of experience in international moving, so we can provide moving from any place in the world through our partners on all continents. Based on these contacts, we can provide you with guaranteed relevant information regarding the documents needed when moving from any country.

International moving to Slovakia consists of the following steps:

You will provide us with basic information about:

  • volume of goods which need to be moved (e.g. list of goods, photos of the apartment equipment). If you don´t have idea we can arrange personal or virtual survey of your flat to check volume & your requirements.
  • the approximate date of the move, whether you are flexible with the date or you have exactly given fixed dates for the move
  • conditions on the loading and unloading side (from which floor and to which floor you are moving, what kind of elevators are there, whether a parking permit, an external elevator, a smaller car for shuttle service, etc. is needed)
  • the scope of the required moving services and your other requirements (e.g. whether you pack your personal effects yourself or require this service from us, whether you require predelivery of boxes and packaging materials in advance, whether you require cleaning of the apartment after moving or temporary storage of your goods, etc.)

Based on the information provided, we will send you a moving quote with a detailed description of moving services and insurance conditions
After accepting our offer, we will agree with you the exact dates and conditions under which the goods will be moved. Due to the large capacity of our fleet and enough workers, we can adapt to you as much as possible and meet your chosen date.

The first phase of the moving is the services at the place of dispatch - Origin service. In addition to standard services, we can also provide additional services such as temporary storage of goods, cleaning of the apartment, etc.
The second phase is the transport of goods - transport which, depending on the destination, takes place by road, ship or air transport.
The last stage is the services at the place of delivery - Destination service. We will pick up your belongings from terminal, port or airport in the destination country and safely deliver them directly to your apartment, house or office. At the same time, we also offer the possibility to unpack of goods, assemble furniture and take away used packaging materials. 

Do you live abroad and only need to transport a small shipment to Slovakia? In this case too, contact our company. Our cars drive all over Europe every day and we believe that we will find a suitable solution for your move as well. After agreeing on the price and ordering the service, we will contact you with a specific date and time when we will pick up the shipment and then deliver it to the recipient in Slovakia within a few days. Your shipments will be professionally and safely looked after by our own staff at all times. The accompanying document during transportation is the Packing list, according to which the recipient verifies whether everything sent by the sender has been delivered. It doesn't matter whether you are sending such a shipment from Slovakia to abroad or vice versa, contact us in both cases.

Don't stress yourself out about moving. Contact us well in advance and our staff will prepare the most suitable and cost-effective option for you after consultation. You can easily mark the "MOVING" event in the calendar as equipped.

Are you interested in this service? Send us a non-binding inquiry and we will get back to you within 24 hours!
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